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OEA1T-Additives Control and Monitoring
OEA2T-Advanced Blend Control Strategy
OEA3T-Advanced Online Blend Control and Optimization
OEA4T-All about gaseous Fuels
OEA5T-Analyzers and Sampling System
OEA6T-Applications of Mathematical Programming in the Refining Industry
OEA7T-Biofuels-A Perspective Part-I Gasohol
OEA8T-Biofuels-A Perspective Part-II Gasohol
OEA9T-Blend Header Design Considerations
OEA10T-Blend Models
OEA11T-Blend Optimization
OEA12T-Blend Trim Control
OEA13T-Blenders Configurations
OEA14T-Blending Definition and Formulation
OEA15T-Blending Modeling Process
OEA16T-Problems and Challenges of Blending Operations
OEA17T-Collaboration of Data and Process for Refinery Offsite Operations
OEA18T-Control and Optimization of run-down blending system
OEA19T-LPG, Lube and Naptha Blending
OEA20T-Crude Blending
OEA21T-Data Reconciliation and Feedback
OEA22T-Demo of Commercial Oil Movement and Storage System
OEA23T-Demonstration of An Offline Blend Optimizer System
OEA24T-Discussion of Results-Marginal Values Analysis
OEA25T-Economical Justifications
OEA26T-Case Study-Blend Optimization Single Blend Single Period
OEA27T-Field Equipment and Instrumentations
OEA28T-Fuel Blending Operations in Refinery
OEA29T-Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oils Specifications
OEA30T-How to benchmark the state of refinery’s Fuels Blending System
OEA31T-How to handle Quality violations and giveaways
OEA32T-How to identify and reconcile fuels blending errors
OEA33T-How to realize and sustain benefits
OEA34T-Hydrocarbon Management in the Refining Industry
OEA35T-Identifications of Automation Areas
OEA36T-Interface with Other Systems
OEA37T-Lab Analysis of Stock and Product Qualities
OEA38T-Lab Exercise to solve a LP problem of a small refinery
OEA39T-Linear and Non-linear Blend Models
OEA40T-Methodology to Assess the Current State of Blending
OEA41T-Methods to Handle Blend Non-linearity
OEA42T-Model-based Predictions of Tank Qualities
OEA43T-Multi Products-Single Period Inventory
OEA44T-Multi-products, Multi-Periods Optimization (8 Days Rollover)
OEA45T-Multi-Products, Single Period Optimization
OEA46T-Offline Blend Planning and Optimization
OEA47T-The Economics of Oil Movement and Storage System
OEA48T-Online Analysis of Stock and Header Qualities
OEA49T-Online Blend Control and Optimization
OEA50T-Optimum Blend Control System Strategy
OEA51T-An Overview of the Refining Industry
OEA52T-An Overview of Offsite Operations
OEA53T-An Overview of Fuel Blending Economics
OEA54T-Performance Tracking of online Blend Control
OEA55T-Problems and Challenges of offsite Operations
OEA56T-Products Blending
OEA57T-Project Implementation Phases and Strategy
OEA58T-Pumps, MOV’s and Control Valves
OEA59T-Oil and Gas Industry Economics-101
OEA60T-Quality Relationships, Analysis, Measurements and Control
OEA61T-Refinery Offsite Operations
OEA62T-Refinery-wide Planning and Scheduling
OEA63T-Regression and feedbacks of Blend Model Parameters
OEA64T-Regulatory Blend Control
OEA65T-Required Blending Data for control and Optimization
OEA66T-Required Enterprise Changes to Implement Blending Projects
OEA67T-How to implement a oil movement and control project
OEA68T-Single Product, Single Period Optimization
OEA69T-Spectrum based Blend Indexes
OEA70T-Strategic Fuels Blending Management and Technology
OEA71T-Strategic Management and Automation of Refinery Offsite Operations
OEA72T-System Architecture-Integration and Interfaces
OEA73T-How to implement a blending control and optimization project
OEA74T-A treatise of ASTM Standards
OEA75T-The Journey of Octane thru Refinery Lanes
OEA76T-Tanks Farm Management
OEA77T-Tank Farm Fundamentals
OEA78T-Tank Gauging System
OEA79T-Tanks Inventory Management System
OEA80T-Tanks Fugitive Emission Measurement and Control
OEA81T-Terminal Operations
OEA82T-The Management and Automation of Oil Movement and Storage System in a Refinery
OEA83T-Tanks Quality Analysis, Measurement and Prediction
OEA84T-The Mysteries of Octane
OEA85T-Diesel or Gasoline, Which one to produce more
OEA86T-The Quality giveaway-Concept, Cost and reduction Benefits
OEA87T-The Road Map to MCOR of Refinery Offsite Operations
OEA88T-What makes blending a complex process
OEA89T-Why Blending Projects fail
OEA90T-Where and how to start
OEA91T-Butane Blending
OEA92T-Gasoline Blending
OEA93T-Diesel Blending
OEA94T-Fuel Oil Blending
OEA95T-Bunker oil Blending
OEA96T-Ethanol Blending
OEA97T-Naptha Blending
OEA98T-Lube oil Blending
OEA99T-LPG Blending
OEA100T-Octane Measurement by Knock Engine
OEA101T-Integrated Analyzers Technology and Applications
OEA103T-Comparison of Knock engine versus Spectrum based methods
OEA102T-Octane Measurement by Spectrum based technology
OEA104T-NIR and NMR versus CFR analyzers – Selection and Cost Effectiveness
OEA105T-Topic Placeholder
OEA106T-Test your Octane Knowledge
OEA107T-Topic Placeholder
OEA108T-Topic Placeholder
OEA109T-Topic Placeholder
OEA110T-Topic Placeholder
OEA111T-Topic Placeholder
OEA112T-Topic Placeholder
OEA113T-Topic Placeholder
OEA114T-Topic Placeholder
OEA115T-Topic Placeholder
OEA116T-Topic Placeholder
OEA117T-Topic Placeholder
OEA118T-Topic Placeholder
OEA119T-Topic Placeholder
OEA120T-Topic Placeholder
OEA121T-Topic Placeholder
OEA122T-Topic Placeholder
OEA123T-Topic Placeholder
OEA124T-Topic Placeholder
OEA125T-Topic Placeholder
OEA126T-Topic Placeholder
OEA127T-Topic Placeholder
OEA128T-Topic Placeholder
OEA129T-Topic Placeholder
OEA130T-Topic Placeholder
OEA131T-Topic Placeholder
OEA132T-Topic Placeholder
OEA133T-Topic Placeholder
OEA134T-Topic Placeholder
OEA135T-Topic Placeholder
OEA136T-Topic Placeholder
OEA137T-Topic Placeholder
OEA138T-Topic Placeholder
OEA139T-Topic Placeholder
OEA140T-Topic Placeholder
OEA141T-Topic Placeholder
OEA142T-Topic Placeholder
OEA143T-Topic Placeholder
OEA144T-Topic Placeholder
OEA145T-Topic Placeholder
OEA146T-Topic Placeholder
OEA147T-Topic Placeholder
OEA148T-Topic Placeholder
OEA149T-Topic Placeholder
OEA150T-Topic Placeholder
OEA151T-Topic Placeholder
OEA152T-Topic Placeholder
OEA153T-Topic Placeholder
OEA154T-Topic Placeholder
OEA155T-Topic Placeholder
OEA156T-Topic Placeholder
OEA157T-Topic Placeholder
OEA158T-Topic Placeholder
OEA159T-Topic Placeholder
OEA160T-Topic Placeholder
OEA161T-Topic Placeholder
OEA162T-Topic Placeholder
OEA163T-Topic Placeholder
OEA164T-Topic Placeholder
OEA165T-Topic Placeholder
OEA166T-Topic Placeholder
OEA167T-Topic Placeholder
OEA168T-Topic Placeholder
OEA169T-Topic Placeholder
OEA170T-Topic Placeholder
OEA171T-Topic Placeholder
OEA172T-Topic Placeholder
OEA173T-Topic Placeholder
OEA174T-Topic Placeholder
OEA175T-Topic Placeholder
OEA176T-Topic Placeholder
OEA177T-Topic Placeholder
OEA178T-Topic Placeholder
OEA179T-Topic Placeholder
OEA180T-Topic Placeholder
OEA181T-Topic Placeholder
OEA182T-Topic Placeholder
OEA183T-Topic Placeholder
OEA184T-Topic Placeholder
OEA185T-Topic Placeholder
OEA186T-Topic Placeholder
OEA187T-Topic Placeholder
OEA188T-Topic Placeholder
OEA189T-Topic Placeholder
OEA190T-Topic Placeholder
OEA191T-Topic Placeholder
OEA192T-Topic Placeholder
OEA193T-Topic Placeholder
OEA194T-Topic Placeholder
OEA195T-Topic Placeholder
OEA196T-Topic Placeholder
OEA197T-Topic Placeholder
OEA198T-Topic Placeholder
OEA199T-Topic Placeholder
OEA200T-Topic Placeholder
OEA301T-Academy Overview
OEA302T-Business Case
OEA303T-Signup and Enrollment
OEA304T-What, Why And Who
OEA305T-Progressive eLearning
OEA306T-Pricing Options And Payment Plans
OEA307T-Enrollment Licensing Options
OEA308T-Corporate Enrollment and Subscription
OEA310T-A guide to your eLearning Journey
OEA309T-Interactive Forum
OEA351T-Free Courses
OEA352T-Refresher Course
OEA353T-Executive Primer
OEA354T-Manager Primer
OEA355T-Engineer Trainee
OEA356T-Engineer Professional
OEA357T-Engineer Expert
OEA358T-Specialized Courses
OEA359T-MCOR Courses
OEA360T-Choose And Enroll
OEA361T-Hybrid Streaming Courses
OEA362T-Live Streaming Courses
OEA401T-MCOR Preview-M-Manage Infrastructure
OEA402T-MCOR Preview-C-Control Manufacturing
OEA403T-MCOR Preview-O-Optimize Production
OEA404T-MCOR Preview-R-Reconcile Hydrocarbons
OEA405T-Take the octane quiz to test your knowledge
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