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OMS eLearning Academy is a platform for the continuing education of professionals working directly in the downstream industry or connecting business or even fresh graduates or senior-year chemical engineering students.

Our academy brings you what you don’t learn in academic curriculum, job training, or need better skills to understand your client’s business requirements for an industry automation and control project.

Our academy covers all aspects of MCOR (Manage, Control, Optimize, Reconcile) Strategy for the efficient and profitable Downstream Refining Industry. We bring you highly technical content in the form of topics and course modules in audio-video, subtitled, and interactive content on any device, anytime, anywhere, with pause and resume features.

Additionally, our academy offers stimulating content in newsletters, free courses, monthly quizzes, monthly free courses, and monthly free webinars with recordings to view later. 

While you browse through our eLearning platform here,, we invite you to our Biweekly Newsletter to bring you many contemporary topics of interest.

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