Our Curriculum at A Glance

This page represents Our Academy Curriculum at a Glance for the Refinery Offsite Operations MCOR (Manage, Control, Optimize and Reconcile) courses. All our MCOR courses will have the same five enrollment options, four individual modules and one bundled option, for the Refresher Course, Executive’s Primer, Manager’s Primer and three engineer’s sub-curriculum (Trainee, Professional and Expert levels). You can select any course from the drop-down menu for either the bundle option or individual modules.

You can hover over any course, module or topic name to preview a synopsis of that item. There will be a PDF link for any active course to give you a print version of the curriculum for the respective course or module.

Here you can find the number of topics in progressive order of any course and any module within it. This gives you a complete glance of our paid academy courses.  The curriculum overview videos and free course videos are shown on the curriculum pages for each course.

Additionally, you always have the option to contact us at info@oms-eLearning-academy.com to inquire about our curriculum.

Course Module No. Topic ID Topic Title