Who Should Take What Course

Who Should Take What Course?

Refinery Professionals

  • Executives – To learn the technology and complexity of offsite operations to help them in planning to revamp, budgets, schedule and most importantly to be able to estimate Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Managers – To learn the technology and complexity of offsite operations to manage daily operations, solve problems, plan and schedule the activities like movement, blending, dispatch of products etc.
  • Operations Staff – To equip them with the knowledge to carry-out daily operational activities, whether they are field operators, console operator, engineer (Control, Blending, IT) or just a fresh or transferred employee. These eLearning courses give them immediate resources to learn to perform their duties efficiently and with confidence.

O&G Industry Professionals

  • EPC/DCS/APC Vendors – To educate their clients about the technology of refinery offsite operations and go above and beyond just training in their own system and tools. It goes a long way in client education in which they can make an educated decision based on their knowledge of the technology inherent in the offered system by these vendors.
  • O&G Technical and Management Consultants – Many times consultant businesses from O&G clients and lack adequate knowledge about the downstream refining industry. Knowing and learning these technical aspects will equip them better to seek new business and the ability to compete in the market place through our refining course.

Fresh Engineers and Students

  • Fresh Process Control and Chemical Engineering Graduates – These refining courses will teach the fresh engineers’ skills which are not taught in their academic curriculum. It will help them to seek better employment opportunities in the O&G industry.
  • Engineering Students – The refresher course will help junior and senior students to get ahead in the job market upon graduation as these topics are not covered in the academic curriculum.