Welcome to our Monthly Master Class Webinar series on topics related to the refinery offsite operations. Our webinars will discuss strategies to minimize or eliminate refinery operation issues, automation strategies and technologies, case studies, modeling and simulation, and many other topics. Unfortunately, these online meetings via Zoom will be limited to only 100 seats and may be extended for a more significant number of registrations. Therefore, we recommend pre-registering on our site for future webinars.

The active registration will be available on Linkedin, but you can pre-register for any future webinars on our academy site to reserve your spot in advance. The webinar will be available for viewing by registering on the academy after the online event is finished. Please write to us if you wish to suggest any topic for future webinars.

The webinar series topics and schedule are subject to change without notice.

These are free courses offered in the academy to familiarize you with the quality of content, audio-video, subtitles, and process flow to be a part of the academy. We encourage you to take any free courses before enrolling in a regular paid course or module. You will also receive a certificate but must complete all steps in progression. The price shown will be discounted 100% at the check-out time rendering no cost to you for these free courses. You can also view overview video of the academy here before watching any of the free courses.

The academy offers free quiz with 20 questions every month to test your knowledge level on different operational aspects of the downstream refining. These quizzes are free and can be taken only once with no passing grade. We will send an email with summary of your responses and assessment of your skill level based on the number of your correct answers. Your skill level and answers will also be summarized statistically with other quiz takers. The quizzes are free for fun. Only one quiz will be scheduled to be visible and activated for each month.

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