Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the prerequisite qualification for these courses?

It is recommended that you be either employed in the downstream refining industry in the operations department for at least more than one year to fully gain the benefits of these courses and boost your career. However, you can take these courses if you are graduating engineer in chemical engineering, process control, and instrumentation to head start in your employment prospects in the downstream refining industry.

2. I am in management in the downstream refining industry. How will these courses help me?

Imagine you oversee the revamp project of fuel blending system in your refinery, and your engineers have justified you of the projects in terms of technical jargon. But you have not understood all of it just because of its complex justifications.  These courses, offered in different degrees of detail for executives and managers, will help you present the project to upper management and board with confidence and knowledge to secure the funds.

3. Besides professionals working in the downstream industry, who else can benefit from these courses?

Anybody who relates to the downstream refining industry or oil and gas can benefit from these courses. Some examples are EPC, Management, and Technical consultants. DCS and APC vendors, education industry, job seekers, etc. The benefit to cost ratio is ten-fold for online courses, especially on this complex topic.

4. Do I have to sit down for an extended period in front of PC to take these courses?

The biggest advantage of any online courses, not just these, is that you can take these courses anytime, anywhere, on any media, and at your pace. You can complete these courses by just taking one lesson a day or even every 2-3 days for that matter. The completion period of these courses can vary from one month to one year, depending upon the course you need for your learning purpose. These courses have a drip schedule and require progressive learning; you can not jump topics and must be completed in sequence.

5. How does it compare to taking public courses, which OMS also offers?

Sometimes you may want to get out of your comfort zone, travel at great expense, schedule your time to take these courses offsite for 3 days. If you think about it, it will require a lot of effort to fulfill that plan and cost your employer almost 5-6 times what you pay for these courses online. Additionally, OMS may not offer public courses when you want it and where you want it.

6. Can I see the curriculum for these courses before I decide which one to enroll in?

Yes, you can once you register on this site. You can then view the audio-video overview of the curriculum. There are 21 courses in total, varying in numbers of topics for different levels of learning, your needs, and estimated time for their completions.

7. What is the language for these courses?

English only, and there are no plans to offer in other languages currently.

8. What are the payment options for these courses?

There are many such as one-time payments, four monthly payments, monthly individual subscriptions, or corporate subscriptions. The fees may be different for different courses and modules, stand-alone or bundled, but payment models are the same.

9. Can I get CE credit for taking these online courses?

Yes, in the future, it would be possible as we are exploring the options.

*What if I have more questions that are not answered here?

Please feel free to send an email to info@globaloms.com, and we will promptly answer your questions and include them in this section for everybody’s benefit.

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