Despite the OMS eLearning Academy having started operations in June 2021, our media presence is still in the process of developing. However, comprehensive information regarding our media presence can be found on both our official website and LinkedIn profile. A comprehensive account of our organization can be obtained from our official website and LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, engagement in industry events and publications would provide further perspectives.

As our academy continues to grow and establish a strong foothold in the field of downstream refining training, its visibility in the media will increase.

Academy News

MCOR Strategy for the Downstream Refining Operations to Boost the Profitability

The refining industry faces significant challenges in sustaining profitability due to the unpredictable fluctuations in the global crude oil market, which are influenced by supply and demand. A surge in crude oil prices results in increased fuel costs, reduced travel by consumers, and, subsequently, a negative impact on the profitability of refineries.

An outline will be provided for each of the refinery areas affecting the refinery's profitability.

(M) Infrastructure Management
(C) Manufacturing Control
(O) Product Optimization
(R) Hydrocarbon Reconciliation

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Explore Expert Insights on Downstream Refining Opeartions via whtepapers

Discover a wealth of knowledge in whitepapers authored by our academy's esteemed partners and experts. These articles have been featured in reputable technical journals, as well as presented at various workshops and conferences. For your convenience, we've compiled them here, and we eagerly seek your valuable feedback.
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OMS Schedules a Public Course in Dubai, UAE March 12-14, 2024

A typical crude oil refinery makes 80-90% of its products by blending systems in the offsite operations area. This three-day public workshop will discuss how the inefficient blending control and optimization of crude oil blending, fuels blending, LPG blending, and ethanol blending can significantly improve the refinery's low 5% or less profit margin. The three-day public course on the Effective Control and Profitable Manufacturing of Refinery products discusses 50+ topics in 12 following categories.

You Will Learn:

Day-1 Overview of Blending Operation

    Session-1 Overview and fundamentals., Session-2 Blending field equipment., Session-3 Qualities Analysis and Measurements, Session-4 All about octane and its measurements

Day-2 Advanced Blend Control, Optimization and Planning

    Session-1 Linear and non-linear Blend Models, Session-2 Blend Optimization and Specifications, Session-3 Regulatory Blend Control, Session-4 Offline Blend Optimization and Planning

Day-3 Blending Project Justification and Implementation –

    Session 1 Online Blend Control and Optimization, Session 2 Blending Project Justification, Session 3 Blending Project Implementation, Session 4 Collaboration and Reconciliation of Process and Data, Putting it All Together, Discussion Forum - Individual Refinery Blending Operations, Feedback and Certificate Awards

Click here for details of the course

Click here for datasheets of each topic in the course

The above sessions and topics are subject to revisions.

Who Should Attend?

The seminar is aimed at and suitable for Technical and key operating staff working in refining as well as oil and gas industry; and Company managers who are interested in increasing their understanding of all aspects of fuels blending operations and economics in the refinery.

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OMS eLearning’s 12-Point Strategy For 2024

OMS eLearning Academy is confident that 2024 will be an exceptional year. Our 12-point strategy is well-defined, and we shall execute it. Our 12 Milestones for the OMS eLearning Academy in 2023. We have come a long way. 1. Revamp of the portal, 2. Branding of our Academy, 3. Implemented AI and office automation for contents; 4. Extended Free content, 5. Additional Resources availability, 6. Free consultation with the Academy Director, 7. Collaboration with individual professionals and corporate contribution, 8. Biweekly newsletter, 9. Monthly online webinars, 10. Flexible and extensive enrollment plans, 11. Launch of YouTube Channel, 12. Open houses offer to the worldwide refining industry.
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OMS eLearning Academy's 2023 Year In Review !

As we approach the end of this year, we're excited to share with you the remarkable journey of OMS eLearning Academy in 2023. This year has been a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement. Our 12 Milestones for the OMS eLearning Academy in 2023. We have come a long way. 1. Revamp of the portal, 2. Branding of our Academy, 3. Implemented AI and office automation for contents; 4. Extended Free content, 5. Additional Resources availability, 6. Free consultation with the Academy Director, 7. Collaboration with individual professionals and corporate contribution, 8. Biweekly newsletter, 9. Monthly online webinars, 10. Flexible and extensive enrollment plans, 11. Launch of YouTube Channel, 12. Open houses offer to the worldwide refining industry.
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OMS eLearning Academy Unveils Exciting Series on YouTube Channel

We are delighted to present the most recent developments and noteworthy features of our cutting-edge eLearning platform. This edition will center on three captivating YouTube series that explore the fundamental elements of our academy and its courses pertaining to the operations of the downstream refining industry. We present the following series on our YouTube channel: 1. Academy Architecture Series: Unlocking Learning Potential 2, Academy Curriculum: MCOR Pathway Navigation 3. Digital Analyzer Technology in Blending: A Mastery of Analytical Excellence by MODCON.
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Unlock Your Learning Potential Extensive Resources!

We are delighted to present a variety of valuable resources that have been specifically curated to augment your understanding and proficiency in the operations of the downstream refining industry. To express our gratitude for your dedication to ongoing education, we are delighted to inform you that our comprehensive assortment of resources is now accessible. For your career advancement, we provide you with academy news, a bi-weekly newsletter, expert blogs, whitepapers, self-study and reference manuals, practical seminars, and instructions on constructing an LMS platform utilizing our technology. All of these resources are provided at no cost to you. Now, you can enjoy exclusive access to a wealth of resources, all at no cost. .
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"Free eLearn" - Your Path to Learning Excellence!

It gives us great pleasure to declare that the downstream refining industry''s operations will be granted the opportunity to "Free eLearn." You have been granted exclusive, complimentary access to a wealth of resources. Access to a YouTube channel for viewing, learning, and exploration, free online webinars covering a vast array of educational topics, free courses, and monthly test quizzes are all included in our eLearn feature. Subtitled in English, our free learning topics consist of audiovisual materials. They are accessible from any location, at any time, and on any device. The greatest feature is that it is possible to continue studying on another device while pausing your progress on one.
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Free Consultation for your Refining Operations

We are pleased to inform professionals in the refinery industry of an exclusive opportunity. Dr. Suresh Agrawal, CEO and Founder of Offsite Management Systems LLC (OMS eLearning Academy), is a highly regarded individual in the field. He is delighted to inform you that he will be offering a complimentary one-hour consultation during which he will deliberate, assess, and provide expert advice on a wide range of topics related to refinery operations. Dr. Suresh Agrawal is readily accessible to provide guidance and support in navigating the unique obstacles and prospects that may emerge. He will leverage his extensive industry knowledge and expertise to your advantage
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YouTube Channel Launched

OMS elearning Academy, a platform for the continuing education of Downstream Refining Professionals, has launched a YouTube channel to disseminate videos that detail downstream refinery operations. The subsequent content will be made available for free on the YouTube channel as a means to enhance proficiency in subsequent operations. Comprehensive information regarding the curriculum and structure of our academy that enables you to understand how, why, and what expertise we impart to assist you in enhancing your professional competencies in downstream refining operations.
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Next Series of Free Webinars

During the period from 2022 to 2023, the OMS elearning Academy delivered a total of six webinars. A post-webinar follow-up was provided to attendees from over 30 countries who participated in highly interactive sessions and provided an overwhelmingly positive response. The webinars are accessible without charge to both registered attendees and new viewers upon completing the registration process on the page. The on-demand video is accessible from any location and on any device, ensuring that the learner does not fall behind schedule. Kindly provide feedback following your views in order to assist us in our efforts to improve.
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Enhance Your Refining Skills Free

OMS eLearning Academy, a portal for the continuing education of professionals in downstream refining, extends invitations to senior Chemical Engineering students, recent graduates, and refining professionals to enhance their expertise through its open house events. You will be granted unrestricted access to our entire academy for a period of 30 to 60 days, and a certificate will be issued upon successful completion of each course. You will not be lacking in critical skills when you attend an interview for your dream job in the refining sector of the oil and gas industry.
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Share your Knowledge with the World!

As a platform for the ongoing education of professionals in the downstream refining industry, OMS eLearning Academy extends an invitation to seasoned professionals from around the world to contribute technical articles on subjects of mutual interest, with the intention of benefiting both novice and seasoned professionals. Our academy is replete with a multitude of available topic slots for contributions. You might be intrigued by the prospect that awaits you. Professional Recognition, the opportunity to participate in a joint webinar, interactive content, and residual financial compensation are just a few of the advantages of participating.
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OMS Conducts F2F Training Course on Blend Optimization for All Philips66 Refineries

Blend Optimization was the subject of a one-day training course conducted by OMS eLearning Academy at the Houston headquarters of Phillips66. A total of 35 individuals representing Phillips'' thirteen refineries participated in the training. Among them were Blend SMEs, lab staff, planners, blend engineers/schedulers, and planners. The training centered on the Blend Optimization methodology and strategies for reducing the quality of giveaways through the implementation of a blended offline optimizer. Beginning with a synopsis of MCOR (Manage, Control, Optimize, and Reconcile), the course progressed to an examination of optimization algorithms and result analysis, before delving into a blend of mathematical formulation and first principles.
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OMS Conducts 3 Days Private Training on Blend Control and Optimization for Ecopetrol, Cartagena Refinery, Columbia

Dr. Agrawal, Academy director of OMS eLearning Academy and founder and CEO of Offsite Management Systems LLC, instructed the Ecopetrol refinery in Cartagena, Columbia, on Advanced Blend Control and Optimization for three days. A total of fourteen participants were selected from the planning, control, IT, and operations departments with the intention of acquiring competencies pertinent to their respective roles and obligations.
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Press Release-OMS eLearning Academy® Launched for Downstream Refining Operations

OMS presents the "OMS eLearning Academy® for Downstream Refining Operations." Over two hundred structured online MCOR strategy curricula are delivered by this eLearning provider. Reconciliation, Optimization, Control, and Operations Management are being refined. 85–90 percent of the final products produced by downstream refineries—fuel oil, diesel, and gasoline—are manufactured in offsite areas that are peripheral to the onsite process units.
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