OMS eLearning Academy offers three modes of live Learning. Online Learning can be a hybrid of pre-recorded and live Learning or complete live Learning via Zoom. In-person Learning can be via scheduled public or private courses. Public courses are fixed curriculum whereas private courses can be customized per training needs.

Live Learn

Online Interactive Courses

Online interactive courses have revolutionized Learning, offering engaging and practical pathways to skill development and knowledge acquisition. Here's a dive into the unique benefits and resources for finding our academy's perfect online interactive course: convenience and Accessibility, Interactive Elements, Personalized Learning, Community and Collaboration, and Cost-Effectiveness. OMS eLearning Academy offers hybrid and live online courses for downstream refining operations. These courses can run 2-5 days and may have 15-50 topics in each course.

In-person Public Offsite Courses

In-person public offsite courses offer a unique blend of learning benefits, combining the advantages of traditional classroom settings with the convenience of escaping the usual work environment. Here's a closer look at what they offer and how to find the perfect course for you: The benefits of In-Person Public Offsite Courses are a Focused learning environment, Interaction and networking, Expert instruction, Structured curriculum, pre-defined curriculums, and Cost-effective. OMS eLearning academy offers and schedules three days of public courses on MCOR strategy for the downstream refining operations, which our academy director teaches.

In-person Private Onsite Courses

In-person onsite private courses can be a fantastic option for individuals or companies seeking tailored and focused learning experiences. The benefits of private onsite courses are Customization, Focused attention, Convenience, Team building, and Flexibility. OMS eLearning Academy offers 1-3 days of private onsite courses taught by the work expert academy director on MCOR strategy of the downstream operations. The course can vary from 15 to 50 topics with significant interactions.
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