You can now purchase and download the OMS course manuals for self-study if you are constrained by budget and time to attend any course offering.  This option saves by almost 70-80% over what one spends to attend classroom training.  The purchase of these manuals also comes with 30 days of support to interact with the author for any questions.

The purchase and download of any of the OMS training manuals also include the following:

  1. 800+ pages PDF file of the training manual for online viewing only, and they can not be printed
  2. A printable workbook to make notes while reviewing the manual on screen
  3. A copy of the 811 pages in PDF format –MNL58 Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing, Editors: Riazi M., Eser Semih, Agrawal Suresh, Peño Díez José, Published: 2013.  Click here to see the details. We will email the PDF version of the book within 10 business days.

Here you will also find other useful OMS course manuals that you can purchase and download.

No. Code Title Overview Price Download
1OMS-M01Fuels Blending Models Equations Reference Manual View PDF$295Add to cart
2OMS-M02OMS-M02-OMS Webinars W1-W10-Slides-Manual View PDF$99Add to cart
3OMS-M03Training Seminar Manual- OMS-01 Strategic Management and Automation of Refinery Offsite Operations View PDF$Add to cart