A downstream oil refinery has two distinct areas of operations, namely, onsite operations and offsite operations. Onsite operations focus on process units to manufacture intermediate products (not sellable directly). In contrast, offsite operations involve product movement with the plant, make final sellable products like fuels (gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, etc.), and directly affects the refineries bottom-line to a greater extent. If these operations are not run efficiently, the refinery will lose the tangible benefits of 30-40M$/Year.


The mission of this academy is to share knowledge with all levels of professionals working in refinery offsite operations and help refineries maximize profit.  Hence, the academy offers a series of four courses (MCOR) in the OMS eLearning Academy, which teaches to Manage, Control, Optimize and Reconcile the refinery offsite operations to capture those tangibles and otherwise lost benefits. OMS has developed the academy curriculum for every job level from an executive, manager, engineer, fresh employees, and even fresh graduates who want that extra niche to enter the job market in the refining industry.


Our academy targets professionals working in the refinery offsite operations area and has a tiered architecture to offer courses from a refresher level to a very detailed curriculum.


The academy offers 200+ courses and 200 topics, from a refresher to an extensive curriculum suitable to all levels of job responsibility and skill levels. They range from 2 to 72+ hours of eLearning.


You can browse through our additional resources such as manuals, white papers, publications, conference presentations, project case studies, benefits analysis methodologies, and best industry practices, etc.


Browse thru articles and blogs discussing topics of interest to the academy-enrolled professionals. These topics may be tools, tips, and news, as well as the announcements of new courses.


The Academy forums allow the enrolled users to discuss among other enrolled users and interact with the instructor. Users can discuss all questions and answers about the academy and courses here.


Our Academy also offers additional software tools such as blend models DDL and Excel-based single blend optimizer using non-linear models and SLP, to further assist in your professional growth.