It is a fantastic way to gain knowledge and skills on your schedule. Whether you're looking to master a new hobby, advance your career, or explore a topic that interests you, self-paced eLearning offers many advantages.

With all these advantages, self-paced eLearning is becoming an increasingly popular choice for knowledge seekers of all ages and backgrounds. So, if you're looking for a convenient, flexible, and effective way to learn something new, why not try?


Structured Curriculum

The OMS eLearning Academy's structured curriculum offers a comprehensive learning path for professionals in the downstream refining industry. Here's a breakdown of its essential aspects. Structure: Focused on the four core pillars of MCOR, Courses are categorized into different tiers: Foundation Tier, Core Tier, and Advanced Tier, Each tier builds upon the previous one, progressively allowing learners to level up their skills and knowledge. Course Types: MCOR Core Courses, Manager Primer/Engineer Courses, and Technical Focus Courses. Benefits: Structured learning path: Progressive difficulty: Comprehensive coverage: Flexibility: Scalability: Suitable for individual learning or corporate training programs.

Specialized Curriculum

The OMS eLearning Academy offers a robust specialized curriculum and structured programs. Here's a breakdown of its key features: Focus Target specific, in-depth Learning on niche topics within the broader refining field. Caters to professionals seeking advanced knowledge and expertise in their chosen area. Types of Specialized Courses: Technical Focus Courses, Refresher Courses: LiveLearn Courses: Enterprise Specific Courses, Benefits: Sharpen Expertise: Stay Ahead of the Curve: Improve Performance, Increase Confidence.

MCOR Core Courses

OMS eLearning Academy offers courses on four critical aspects of downstream refinery operations. Manage: Develop strong leadership and administrative skills for managing complex refinery operations. Control: Master process control systems and technologies to ensure efficient and safe operations. Optimize: Learn cutting-edge optimization techniques to maximize production, yield, and profitability. Reconcile: Gain expertise in material and energy balances to account for accurately and track refinery products. These four courses cover each aspect of MCOR in detail, with over 50 topics and 24+ hours of eLearning experience per course.

Custom Curriculum

The OMS eLearning Academy offers two customizable curriculum options to cater to your specific learning needs: 1. Individual Custom Curriculum: Choose from 3-12 topics. Build your ideal learning path by selecting desired topics from the academy's library of 200+. 2. Enterprise Custom Course: Ideal for corporate training: Collaborate with OMS to design a tailored curriculum for your team, with up to 40 topics from the library. Benefits of Custom Curriculum: Focus on your priorities, Cost-effective: Convenient Learning: Improved knowledge retention: Targeted Learning.
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