Free Learning, enrolled paid courses, eLearning, and paid live Learning of online and in-person courses are our academy's three modes of Learning. Except for online and in-person courses, all others have a duration of one to three days.

Self-paced eLearning courses, on the other hand, are accessible at any moment, from any location, and on any device; there is no risk of falling behind in the learning process.

Learning Modes

Free Courses eLearning

Monthly quizzes and numerous free courses at all times are provided by our academy, allowing you to become acquainted with the structure and content of academy lessons. Utilize these complimentary courses, which include completion certificates, to launch or advance your career in the downstream refining sector. Additionally, the academy hosts monthly free webinars on profitable and efficient refining operations. The academy also makes webinar recordings available for playback on demand after the webinar.

Online Self Paced eLearning

Upon examining the academy''s free courses, webinars, quizzes, and so forth, you are now able to select your eLearning trajectory through enrollment in structured courses, which will enable you to develop a curriculum tailored to your specific requirements. This mode permits brief or extensive study, contingent on the individual''s organizational responsibility. The academy affords you considerable autonomy in your educational endeavors. Additionally, the academy provides a range of enrollment alternatives, including pay-per-use, monthly, and annual subscriptions that grant unrestricted access to learning throughout the subscription duration.

Live online and in-person Learning

Our academy provides three modes of interactive Learning for those who prefer it. Online hybrid and fully live, in-person public and private courses are available. The content of hybrid online courses consists of pre-recorded and live interactive segments. To cater to the time zone preferences of students, the online courses are spread across multiple days. A one-day course may continue for an additional two to three days. The academy director instructs in-person courses that are either publicly scheduled or conducted on-site per contract with an organization. These courses span three days on average and cover over fifty topics.
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