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Academy Overviews

OMS eLearning Academy's overview videos provide insights into operational features and guide prospective learners through the signup process, ensuring easy registration.

These videos detail various pricing and learning options, showcasing flexible enrollment opportunities tailored to different budgets and preferences. This multimedia approach empowers learners.


Academy Curriculums

The OMS eLearning Academy offers over 200 courses for refining sector professionals, spanning infrastructure management to hydrocarbon reconciliation, catering to everyone from new engineers to executives and enhancing both foundational and advanced knowledge.

These courses are available in various formats, including free introductory, in-depth structured, and customizable curriculums.


Demo Courses

The OMS eLearning Academy offers demo courses guiding prospective learners through the enrollment and subscription processes for individual and corporate licenses, providing previews of registration, payment, and course progression.

These demos ensure transparency and ease of use, showcasing the academy's educational approach. Designed to be intuitive, they support learners from initial sign-up to course completion and beyond.

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