We welcome you to our academy and hope for a successful eLearning experience with us.  This page presents video of about academy and curriculum overview, economics of eLearning, pricing and enrollment options for individual vs corporate and payment plans. One of the video will also walk you thru registration and login process to ensure that you can then enroll in any course easily and securely.

Also browse thru curriculum overview videos to learn about each structured, free and chose N Enroll courses. We encourage you to learn about us and our courses before you enroll. You can then browse thru catalogue to learn in more details about of bundled or single topic course. Each of these videos are short between 3-10 mins duration.

The topics are either in format of Audio-Video-multi-language subtitles or just PDF slides (now in transition replacing eventually to Video-Audio-Subtitled format)

Academy 10 Videos


Curriculum 13 Videos