Thank you for choosing the Enterprise enrollment plan. First, look at the academy catalog by clicking on the LIST button and selecting up to a maximum of 40 topics. Next, you can look at the details of any matter by selecting the respective row and clicking the DETAILS button. You must choose all 40 cases to enroll in this plan. The top row will show you the retail price between $5,200-$7,600 based on the format of the selected topics. The enterprise plan is for a fixed number of 10 users. You can either continue with this revised plan to compare retail versus fixed-price or select 12 to 24 topics from the Choose N Enroll option for a corporate group. Please enter only a topic number like ‘1,2,3…’ etc. and not SKU like ‘OEA1T, OEA2T..”. Then, clicking the BUILD button will populate the correct topic Information in the row.

Please note that only corporate users with “group leader” status in our academy will be able to enroll your users in this plan. Please email the academy admin to upgrade your status to group leader before purchasing this plan and registering your corporate users.


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