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Learn about gasoline pump octane numbers

Quiz of the Month, February, 2022 – Learn everything about gasoline pump octane numbers


  Introduction This free quiz demystifies the gasoline Octane numbers on the pumps and their relation to car performance. Here you can learn everything about the gasoline pump octane numbers. The topic has two parts; first, it will test your

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Monthly Newsletter,  Volume-1, No-1, February 2022 – Benefits of Continuing Education in the Downstream Refining Industry


Introduction Professionals in the downstream industry transfer from one department to another every 18-24 months. This poses challenges to them to learn new tricks of the trade-in short period. As a result, they resort to in-house or outside courses of

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fuel blending system

OMS Conducts 3 Days Private Training on Blend Control and Optimization for Ecopetrol, Cartagena Refinery, Columbia


Introduction Dr. Agrawal, founder, and CEO of Offsite Management Systems LLC and Academy director of OMS eLearning Academy, conducted 3 days provide training courses for Advanced Blend Control and Optimization for the Ecopetrol refinery Cartagena, Columbia. 14 attendees from the

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