All of our courses in the academy have five options for enrollment. You can enroll individually or randomly in any of the MCOR (Mange, Control, Optimize and Reconcile) modules, or enroll in the bundled options.

Each module and the bundled option has varying numbers of topics depending upon the oil refinery operations course. The bundle option for any of the courses is a better return on your investment as it is discounted versus enrolling in all stand-alone modules separately.  However, we recommend that you enroll in modules sequentially as Manage, Control, Optimize and Reconcile to experience progressive eLearning.

Each topic in the MCOR module will have a ‘5’ question quiz and is required to take only at the end of the module with accumulated questions for all topics, and requires an 80% passing grade.  Additionally, there will be a final quiz for the bundled option with one question randomly selected for each topic in the course and again an 80% passing grade is required. A ‘5’ question survey is mandatory after the final quiz, and before the issuing of the certification.

The oil refinery operations course overview section contains free videos to explain different aspects of the curriculum, and we recommend that you view them to learn about the academy and its options.

The free lessons section will publish free topics to stimulate your eLearning experience, and also help you to decide which paid refinery courses to enroll in. Happy eLearning.