Academy Launches Master Class Series of Webinars for the downstream Refiniing Offsite Operations

OMS eLearning Academy conducted a series of six webinars during 2022-2023, and we had an overwhelming response and attendees from 30+ countries with very interactive sessions and post-webinar follow-up.

The past series of six webinars were conducted jointly by Dr. Suresh Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Offsite Management Systems LLC, Mr. Tom Edwards, President of Tecnics, Inc., and Dr. Ariel Kigel, R&D Manager of Modcon Systems Inc.

You can view the recordings of these past webinars now on our Academy Site and Academy YouTube Channel.

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We are pleased to announce the schedule for the next series of Monthly Webinars from Webinar-7 to Webinar-12 starting October 2023 to discuss the following topics:

  1. Webinar 7: Strategic Advanced Blend Control and Optimization System 
  2. Webinar 8: Model-Based Real-time Tracking of Tank Qualities 
  3. Webinar 9: The Importance of Selecting Correct Process Analyzers
  4. Webinar 10: The Economics and The Technology of An Oil Movement System
  5. Webinar 11: An Overview of The Blend Control and Optimization Technologies
  6. Webinar 12: Refinery Hydrocarbon Management and Reconciliation

Who should attend these Webinars?

  • Blending Engineers
  • Process Control Engineers
  • Operations Managers
  • Refinery Planners
  • Crude Traders

The webinar will be activated one at a time, and you can register on the Academy’s LinkedIn Page or using the link on the Academy Webinar Page.

You can also Pre-Register for all future webinars on our academy site using the same link to hold your spot in advance.

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