Press Release-OMS eLearning Academy® Launched for Downstream Refining Operations




OMS launches “OMS eLearning Academy® for Downstream Refining Operations.”
Offers 200+ Structured online MCOR Strategy curricula for eLearning
How to Manage, Control, Optimize, and Reconcile Refinery Operations

Houston, Texas, June 30, 2021 Offsite Management Systems LLC (OMS) has launched its “OMS eLearning Academy” to offer online courses for downstream oil refinery offsite operations. The academy provides 200+ extensive courses to eLearn to Manage Infrastructure, Control Manufacturing, Optimize Production, and Reconcile Hydrocarbons. Downstream refineries produce 85–90% of their end products, like gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, etc., in offsite areas peripheral to onsite process units. Therefore, inefficient and suboptimal production of these products can affect the refinery’s bottom line. For example, a 100KB/day refinery can lose 2-3 M$/year of tangible benefits by merely selling gasoline that is just 0.1 octane above its grade octane spec.

The academy curriculum features interactive, free, structured, Choose N Enroll, specialized, live, and hybrid streaming. These courses target refinery executives, managers, engineers, operators, management and technical consultants, EPC vendors, fresh engineering graduates, and students. They vary in length from 2 hours to 72 hours of online learning to teach the latest refinery technology and management strategies to regain lost tangible benefits. The format of the courses is high-quality interactive audio video with English and Spanish subtitles.

OMS eLearning Academy courses cost about 25–30% of similar public courses and save refineries millions of dollars per year in training their new and existing staff. Dr. Suresh Agrawal, Founder and CEO, has taught these courses for both public and private audiences for 25+ years and has earned a reputation for premium content and interactive and stimulating presentations. The academy features “eLearn whatever you want and take whenever, wherever, and however you want.”

A few testimonies about the courses taught by Dr. Agrawal speak for themselves.

“I have not attended any training course before that is so organized, exceptional, rich in topics, and presented excellently. I learned a lot about fuel blending in this course, thanks to the instructor. Sergio Carvajal, IST Corporation, Bogota”. 

“The course was exciting as I could relate to the refining and auto industry problems and challenges regarding fuel quality specifications and ways to meet them economically. Jay Cummings, General Motors”

If you would like more information about the academy or its curriculum or wish to receive an academy catalog, please email Dr. Suresh Agrawal, CEO, and Academy Director at


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