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Are you a seasoned professional eager to share your knowledge and shape the future of education?

OMS eLearning Academy invites you to join a vibrant community of educators and industry experts committed to transformative learning experiences.

Watch our introductory video below and dive deeper into what makes our academy a beacon of innovation.


1. Leadership and Vision: Under the guidance of Dr. Suresh S. Agrawal, our founder and CEO, OMS eLearning Academy is on a mission to revolutionize education. Dr. Agrawal’s pioneering Vision underscores our commitment to empowering educators and learners. His message in our latest video outlines the road ahead for potential contributors like you.

2. Advanced Training Programs: Our academy offers cutting-edge training programs demanding a deep understanding of refinery operations and digital transformation. If you have expertise in these areas or other specialized fields, your contributions can significantly enhance our educational experience.

3. Influence and Mentorship: Contributing to our programs allows you to mentor the next generation of professionals. Your insights and practical knowledge will help develop resilient, innovative leaders ready to tackle industry challenges.

4. Professional growth: By joining our cadre of esteemed contributors, you share your knowledge and enhance your professional profile. Engage with other industry leaders, participate in groundbreaking projects, and expand your network within the professional community.

5. Rewards and Recognition: We recognize the value of your expertise and offer fair compensation and revenue-sharing options. Contributors enjoy visibility across our platforms, amplifying their influence in the industry and beyond.


  • Process Technology: Mastery of refining operations, from crude processing to product finishing.
  • Operational Safety: Emphasizing risk management and emergency preparedness to ensure workplace safety.
  • Quality and Environmental Management: Strategies for product quality assurance and reducing environmental footprint.
  • Innovation: Keeping pace with technological advancements for a more efficient and sustainable refining process.


Your professional knowledge is a keystone of innovation and leadership in the industry.

By contributing to OMS eLearning Academy, you can shape future trends and pioneer new methodologies, inspiring progress and setting new standards.


At OMS eLearning Academy, we believe in rewarding your expertise.

Contributors will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Financial Compensation: Recognizing your efforts with monetary rewards.
  • Professional Recognition: Enhancing your reputation as a thought leader.
  • Continuous Engagement: Ongoing opportunities for collaboration and contribution.


As an industry expert, your insights and experiences are crucial.

By sharing your knowledge, you will inspire and educate the next generation of professionals, significantly impacting the industry.


At OMS eLearning Academy, we recognize that every expert has unique insights and experiences. To accommodate various forms of expertise and schedules, we offer several modes through which you can contribute:

1. Course Creation

  • Develop Comprehensive Courses: Create detailed and structured courses on specialized topics within the downstream refining industry. This includes preparing course materials, video lectures, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Co-Create with Peers: Collaborate with other industry experts to co-create courses, pooling your knowledge to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

2. Webinars and Live Sessions

  • Host Live Webinars: Conduct live webinars on specific topics, sharing your expertise in real-time and engaging with learners through Q&A sessions.
  • Interactive Workshops: Lead interactive workshops that provide hands-on training and practical skills, allowing learners to apply concepts in real-world scenarios.

3. Written Content

  • Write Articles and Case Studies: Contribute written content such as articles, case studies, and whitepapers that delve into specific challenges and solutions in the refining industry.
  • Research Papers: Share your research findings and innovative methodologies through detailed research papers, advancing knowledge within the community.

4. Mentorship Programs

  • One-on-One Mentorship: Offer Mentorship to individuals or small groups, providing personalized guidance and support to help them achieve their professional goals.
  • Group Mentoring Sessions: Facilitate group mentoring sessions where you can share your experiences and insights with a larger audience, fostering collective learning and growth.

5. Consultation and Advisory

  • Advisory Panels: Join advisory panels to provide strategic guidance on curriculum development, ensuring that our programs remain relevant and cutting-edge.
  • Consulting Projects: Participate in consulting projects, offering expertise to solve complex problems and implement best practices within organizations.

6. Feedback and Reviews

  • Course Reviews: Review existing courses to provide feedback on content accuracy, relevance, and quality, helping us maintain high standards in our offerings.
  • Learner Assessments: Assist in assessing learners’ progress by reviewing assignments, projects, and exams, ensuring they meet the required competencies.

7. Community Engagement

  • Discussion Forums: Actively participate in our discussion forums, answering questions, sharing insights, and fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Social Media Contributions: Engage with our community on social media platforms, sharing updates and insights and engaging with learners in meaningful discussions.

We invite you to watch our detailed video to see firsthand the impact you can have as part of OMS eLearning Academy.

Discover the opportunities to contribute, learn about our comprehensive support system for contributors, and see how your work will resonate with learners worldwide.


OMS eLearning Academyis more than an educational institution; it’s a community of change-makers.

By contributing to our academy, you are not just teaching but setting the stage for the next significant educational innovations.

Join us to shape the future — one lesson, one breakthrough at a time.

Ready to make a significant impact?

Connect with us at info@globaloms.com to start your journey as a contributor.

We are excited to welcome you aboard and look forward to your unique insights.

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