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We Invite Downstream Refining Professionals and Technology Providers to Contribute to Our Academy

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OMS eLearning Academy, a portal for the continuing education of downstream refining professionals, invites worldwide experienced professionals in the Downstream Refining Industry to contribute technical topics of mutual interest for the benefit of fresh and experienced professionals.

We have many topic slots open for contribution to our academy.

You may wonder what is in for you.

There are many benefits, such as:

1. Professional Recognition

Your topic/s in our academy will be fully credited to you. However, our academy will jointly hold the copyright as you will be compensated for your efforts in the manner described next. The copyright issue will be discussed with you when you show your interest to us.

2. Conduct Joint Webinars and/or Publish Technical Papers

Get Recognition in the professional community by conducting joint online webinars or publishing technical papers on your contribution. It is a great way to show your expertise to enhance your career.

3. The Interactive Format of Your Content

We will create audio-video and subtitles for your topic and include them in our academy as a separate topic or in one or many of our course curricula. We would need only 30-35 PPT slides and a script of a mutually agreed topic subject for a 30-45 mins video topic, and we will do the rest at no cost to you. We will edit your script, brand PPT slides, create an audio video and subtitles for your topic, and host it at our academy.

4. Financial Compensation

You will get either one-time compensation for your efforts or residual proportionate income from the enrollment of the academy course that includes your contributed topic. Many separate courses in our academy may include your contributed topic/s to increase the residual financial benefit.

Refining Professionals, You all have nothing to lose.

Only gain professional recognition worldwide and financially.

We thank and recognize Rafael Leon, an experienced chemical engineer with 30+ years of experience in the downstream industry, who has contributed to the following topics and is contributing many more.

  • Refinery Optimization LP Input Data Analysis
  • Refinery Optimization LP Model Run
  • Refinery Optimization LP Model Results Analysis
  • The Journey of Octane Thru Refinery Lanes
  • Oil and Gas Industry Economics-101
  • Refining for Non-Refiners – 22 Topics Course

You can connect with him: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rafaelenriqueleongomez/

Like him, You can join our academy and share your experience and expertise in the downstream refining industry with the rest of the world.

To contribute to our academy, you must be a chemical engineer with 5-10 years of experience in downstream refinery operations, R&D or process control technology and systems, system integrations, etc.

Although our areas of interest are extensive, our academy focuses only on MCOR (Manage, Control, Optimize and Reconcile) aspects of downstream refinery offsite operations.

We have 200+ topics targeted for our focus area of downstream refining operations. We have created 200+ courses, including many subsets of these topics in self-paced eLearning or online hybrid (pre-recorded plus Live) eLearning mode.

We are looking for content in the MCOR (Mange, Control, Optimize, Reconcile) aspects of downstream refining operations.

  • Management of Infrastructure (Tank Farm, Blending System, Terminal operations, pipeline, tangible benefits, offsite operations, and related contents)
  • Control of Manufacturing (crude Blending, fuel Blending, modeling, and customization, Online analysis technology and system and related contents)
  • Optimization of Production (Refinery Optimization, online/offline, Blending optimization, planning and scheduling, linear/non-linear programming concepts and applications, and related contents)
  • Reconciliation of Hydrocarbons (principles and processes, Oil movement and blending, flare and slop system, daily balance methodology, and related contents)

Share your refining expertise with the world, the best gift you can give to yourself.

Showcase for the technology Providers

You can contribute content related to products in the downstream refining industry or related business, which would help inform the industry about products and services.

For example, UK-based MODCON, a process analyzer manufacturer, has collaborated with us by hosting five topics related to online process analyzers for crude and fuel blending and their AI-based online blend control.

Here are their contributed topics and a link to their content:

  • Critical Success Factors in Process Analyzers Technology
  • Crude Oil Online Blending Analyzers
  • Gasoline and Diesel Online Blending Analyzers
  • In-Line Blending Optimization Based on Neural Network Modeling
  • Dynamic Optimization Using Pre-Trained Analyzer Models 


We have conducted joint webinars with our collaborating partners and are developing technical papers for publication.

It is a win-win situation for both of us.

We thank you, MODCON, and appreciate your collaboration with our academy.

Refining Technology Providers, You also have nothing to lose. Only gain more marketing channels for your products and services by your showcase at our academy.

Browse through our Academy to check your interest.

If interested, please get in touch with us here to schedule a discussion with our Academy Director, Founder, and CEO – Dr. Suresh Agrawal.

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