[V1N2] Enhance Your Refining Skills Free In OMS Academy Open House Events!

OMS eLearning Academy, a portal for the continuing education of Downstream Refining Professionals, invites Refining Professionals, Fresh Graduates, and Senior Chemical Engineering Students to enhance their skills in the Open House Events of OMS Academy.

V1N1 July 15, 2023

1. What does “Open House” mean?

OMS eLearning Academy offers open access to its 200+ courses for Downstream Refining technology, focusing on offsite operations of the refining industry.

Learn as much as you can with no cost at all to you.

2. What is the format of these courses?

The topics of our 200+ courses are in video-audio with English sub-titled format. They can be taken on any device, anywhere, and anytime without losing your place in learning.

Each topic has a quiz to verify your learning and issues a completion certificate.

3. Who can benefit from the event?

Any professional working in businesses related to the refining industry. They can be engineers at all skill levels, consultants, technology providers, vendors, integrators, CHE senior students, and fresh graduates.

It is open access to all.

4. Is it “Forever Open Access”?

OMS Academy will be open to access for the first 30 days.

It may be extended to another 60-90 days based on the interest of industry professionals, ChE students, and fresh graduates.

5. If it is FREE, then what is the catch?

Open Access will be provided via a custom landing page for a specific business entity or educational institute.

We will create a Custom Landing Page for access requests from an entity. Hence, only professionals working or students / fresh graduates can access the academy.

Check out an example of the Open House – Custom Landing Page.

6. Can I use my email to register and enroll?

No, since this Open House offers only targeted audiences, you must use your official business or institution email ids. Hence, you cannot share your enrollment credential with outside users and will be disenrolled from our academy.

Other users can sign up and enroll in free and paid courses outside of the open-house promotion.

7. Can I access the academy without the Open House Event?

You can sign up for free at our academy and enroll in many free courses and quizzes. If you like and get convinced of the benefits of starting or enhancing your career in the oil and gas industry, then explore further and take more courses.

What you will learn in our academy is not taught in your academic training or refining profession at times needed to help you secure a job or advance your career.

8. Now, A Million Dollar Question:

What is in for us?

Somebody said,

“If you help a person climb a mountain, you will find you have reached the mountain too.”

At OMS eLearning Academy, we believe in sharing our knowledge with the world.

We will also grow through your active participation and feedback to motivate us to bring excellent content to you.

Many professionals and technology providers are working with us to contribute excellent content for your learning.

9. What should I do next?

Discuss this unique and limited opportunity with your business management or institution dean or department chairperson to inform us of their interest in this event for their workforce or students.

We will then create a Custom Landing Page (check example) and publish the link to the person requesting participation.

That’s how easy it is!


We have taken the first step to open our world to you.

You take the second step to accept our gift to you.

It could not be any better.

100% free of beyond academy learning and boost your prospect of landing a job or boosting your career.

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