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🔍 Previous Publications:

  1. The Scope and Feasibility of an Integrated Crude Blending Control and Optimization System.
  2. Integrate Blend Control, Optimization, and Planning!
  3. Scope of an Integrated Oil Movement & Storage (OM&S) Control System
  4. Economic Justification of an Integrated Oil Movement & Storage (OM&S) Control System
  5. Implementation of Advanced Online Blend Control, Optimization, and Planning Systems in Mexican Refineries
  6. Advanced Closed-Loop Controls of Refinery Offsite Operations
  7. Implementation and Benefits of Online Tanks Quality Tracking System in a Singapore Refinery
  8. Advanced Gasoline Blending-I
  9. Advanced Gasoline Blending-II
  10. Advances in Tank Quality Measurements Can Help Cut Operational Costs
  11. Strategic Fuels Blending Technology and Management
  12. Optimum Design of Fuel Blender Header
  13. How to Benchmark the State of a Refinery’s Fuel Blending System?
  14. Collaboration of Data and Process for Refinery Offsite Operations
  15. Benchmarking of Fuel Blending System, Part One
  16. The Benefits of Digital Transformation in the Process Industries
  17. Benchmarking of Fuel Blending System, Part Two
  18. Continuing Your Education in Downstream Refining Operations
  19. Butane Blending
  20. Crude Blending
  21. MCOR Strategy for Effective and Efficient Downstream Refining Operations

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🚀 Upcoming Publications:

Stay tuned for forthcoming whitepapers in collaboration with expert partners:

  1. First Principles and Machine Learning (AI-Based) Hybrid Model for Fuel Blending Control and Optimization.
  2. Non-Abrasive Estimation of DuPont Coefficients for Fuel Blending.
  3. Digitization of Blending Data for Improved Blend Quality Prediction.
  4. Methods to Model and Sustain Blending Models.
  5. Refinery Optimization in three Steps.
  6. Crude Oil Blending Recipe Optimization
  7. Estimating Tangible Benefits of Efficient Refinery Operations
  8. MCOR Strategy for Efficient and Profitable Refining Operations
  9. Journey of Octane thru Refinery Lanes

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