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This topic will discuss strategic management and automation of offsite refinery operations, tank farm management, and the management and automation of OM&S in a refinery. Some categories include onsite vs. offsite operations, the need for storage, stages of storage, and the extent of OM&S activities in a refinery.


This topic will discuss onsite vs. offsite operations, offsite operational activities, problems and challenges, integration of offsite and onsite operations, cost, and benefits of offsite automation, etc. In addition, this topic will discuss the need for storage, storage stages, products and tank types, management of a single tank vs. a tank farm, steps to determine tank inventory, distribution, measurement of tank quality, fugitive emissions from storage tanks, etc. Finally, this topic will discuss the extent of OM&S activities in a refinery, the status of OM&S automation, typical OM&S activities, problem areas of in-plant oil movement, computer automation of OM&S, etc.

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