OEA504P-RFR-Reconcile Hydrocarbon

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This topic will discuss hydrocarbon management in the refining industry, a collaboration of data and processes for offsite refinery operations, and data reconciliation and feedback. Some categories include refinery fence line balancing, meter reconciliation, distribution of refinery loss, analyzer dynamics, online vs. lab analysis, flow correction methods, and tank prediction bias.


This topic will discuss refinery fenceline balancing, meter reconciliation, distribution of refinery loss, inter-tank transfer, mass quantity uncertainty matrix, HM landscape dataflow, etc. In addition, this topic will discuss how processes and data complement and supplement each other. Finally, this topic will identify sources of errors in blending operations, analyzer dynamics, online analysis versus lab analysis, causes and remedy of online analysis errors, last good value and bias, flow correction methods, tank prediction bias, and final product prediction vs. lab analysis.

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