Demo of a Commercial Oil Movement and Storage System

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An integrated virtual refinery simulation platform is obtained when system simulation joins virtual reality. A simulation algorithm may be applied to this platform. Important components of this platform are static as well as dynamic simulation systems, a linked database system, and a 3D scene system.

The applications of a virtual refinery are numerous. There may be web publication of a virtual refinery.

This topic will describe the typical tank farm in a refinery, tank information system (TIS), order movement management (OMM), and VM demo of TIS and OMM.

Inventory, Order and Blend Movement Technology

The tank information system (TIS) is a web application developed by recording different spatial and non-spatial data in the GIS. TIS views and archives all levels and quantities historically, including temperature, quality, operation status, and alarm data related to the tank and its contents.

It also provides information for the safe operation of storage tanks and all refinery units. In addition, the tank inventory system provides a unified tank inventory information management method and a one-window interface for all major metrics.

To keep the levels specific, a PID controller is used in the single-tank process control system in tanks. The order movement management (OMM) system provides a comfortable and consistent tool to turn business work orders into operations.

This action is to be performed by the operator. The OMM system keeps real-time tracking and registration history of each action and system. This can be automated to perform automatic path selection and equipment availability. It can also verify product compatibility.

To avoid the collaboration/communication gap, a mobile extension can be provided to the automated product movement system. This extension helps field operators carry out distant procedures. In this setup, radio frequency identification methodology identifies equipment to change its status remotely.

A sophisticated hybrid comprehensive optimization system can provide offline mixing preparation, verification, premix optimization, and continuous online monitoring to control blender movements. It supervises blend ratio and specifications efficiently by using a digital blend system. It also minimizes product cost depending on tank, piping, pumps, header, inventory, and batch specifications.

Blend movement optimization can be done for fuel products to handle tank-to-tank blending. The planning optimizer provides unique, optimized rates. Products after online certifications can be more profitable in a blend control system not only for customers but for regulatory authorities as well.


This topic walks through the typical tank farms, tank inventory systems, order movement, and blend movement optimization, which are applied areas in a refinery. Blend movement optimization can minimize production costs and maximize operational and business performance by using optimized multi-blend technology.

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Demo of a Commercial Oil Movement and Storage System

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